About Us

RadEvidence.Org is an unregistered non-profit organization made up of volunteers dedicated to providing unbiased information to Physicians focused on an objective approach to safety, evidence, and outcomes related to spinal radiography in clinical practice. There is an Editorial Board of qualified members who review information from various sources and approve posting of the information.

The information contained in the RadEvidence.Org website is a compilation from several categories:

  1. Published research literature summations including citations, abstracts and publications.
  2. Commentary and whitepapers on utilization and associated risks & benefits of radiology services.
  3. Studies on patient safety regarding radiology procedures and radiation exposure.
  4. Opinions and positions of organizations, clinicians, and patients regarding the utilization of radiography in healthcare; including legal aspects along with state and federal practice regulations.
  5. Analysis of guideline data and how it may impact clinical care.

Editorial Board Members