What We Do

RadEvidence.Org provides information to health care providers regarding general radiography procedures with an emphasis on an objective approach to safety, evidence, and outcomes related to spinal radiography in clinical practice. The information provided is rooted in the foundational principles of the Evidence-Based Practice model to assist physicians in their clinical decision making for their patients. The organization does not take a position on the pros and cons of spinal radiography in healthcare, but rather provides the best information to allow clinicians to make their own decision on the utilization of general radiography. Different positions can be derived on the final clinical decision based on the type of provider, the purpose of the radiography imaging ordered, and the patient case being evaluated.

Evidence-based health care is a combination of the best research evidence, clinical experience of the provider, and the patient's desires (Pape, 2003).

The information contained in the RadEvidence.Org website is a compilation from several categories:

  1. Published research literature summations including citations, abstracts and publications.
  2. Commentary and whitepapers on utilization and associated risks & benefits of radiology services.
  3. Studies on patient safety regarding radiology procedures and radiation exposure.
  4. Opinions and positions of organizations, clinicians, and patients regarding the utilization of radiography in healthcare; including legal aspects along with state and federal practice regulations.
  5. Analysis of guideline data and how it may impact clinical care.